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The differences between a good coach and a great one, at the grassroots level may be subtle, but they can make a world of difference to players.

There are thousands of resources available to coaches, and what is being provided here, is a small snippet that may help you and your team have a successful season! "successful", that doesn't always mean using the scoreboard as the measuring stick!

Ask questions such as:

  • Are the players getting better?
  • Does it seem as though they are having fun?
  • Have I created an atmosphere where players want to come and improve?

Providing support for development, enjoyment, and an overall caring environment will go a long way in determining what the SUCCESS will be!

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Southwest Team Development

Southwest Hockey is taking an integrated approach to developing the players within our Association. Each Head Coach will be provided the opportunity to select development options for their team; which will allow for increased flexibility with scheduling and being able to focus on specific development needs for the team.

For details on process, Preferred Vendors and reimbursements ----> CLICK HERE

If you have any questions surrounding this Development Program, please contact:
Tighe Mills – Director of Development:
Paul Charlebois – Assistant Director of Development:

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Hockey Alberta Coaching Resources

For topics covering the items below CLICK HERE

  • Age-Specific Core Skills
  • Age-Specific Development Information
  • Long Term Player Development
  • Skill Testing
  • Player Development
  • Drills
  • Practice Plans

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Age-Specific Development







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Hockey Canada Coaching Page



Hockey Canada Rulebook / Casebook Combination

Hockey Canada works provincial and regional members to create and update resources to ensure officials have the tools required to serve the game.

Do you want to learn about hockey rules?  Download the rule book, or the FREE Hockey Canada Rule Book App for Android, or iOS devices

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