2022-2023 Season

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The raffle is an important fundraiser for the association. It allows SW to offset ice costs that would otherwise have to be paid through registration fees. By raising money through Casinos and Raffles, the Association can keep fees reasonable and keep fee increases to a minimum, while still providing a quality hockey program for our players.

AGLC License # 603160

Tickets are $10.00 -- Your ticket is entered to win in all 12 draws!

Cash Raffle Prize Announcements

Draw date is January 28, 2023 - all draws will be completed on this date and announced as listed below

Winners will be contacted at 6:00pm MST on the date listed below. Once the winner has been notified, the name will be announced.


Draw #12023 JAN 29$6,0007127Raul Nemes
Draw #22023 FEB 1$2,0005794Brent Ronneberg
Draw #32023 FEB 5$2,000
Draw #42023 FEB 8$2,000
Draw #52023 FEB 12$2,000
Draw #62023 FEB 15$2,000
Draw #72023 FEB 19$2,000
Draw #82023 FEB 22$2,000
Draw #92023 FEB 26$2,000
Draw #102023 MAR 1$2,000
Draw #112023 MAR 5$2,000
Draw #122023 MAR 8

Cash Raffle - Ineligible Tickets

Tickets listed below will not form part of the draw, and will not be eligible for any of the draws or prizes.

Lost & Unsold Tickets -- Updated: 2023 JAN 5

Tickets # 01071, 01072, 01073, 01074, 01075, 01076, 01077, 01078, 01079, 01080

Lost & Sold Tickets -- Updated: 2023 JAN 22

For sold ticket numbers click here.


SW is NOT scheduled for a Casino in the 2022-2023 season.

SW is eligible for an AGLC Casino every two years on average.



Teams MUST apply for their OWN gaming license, as per the Rules & Regulations of the AGLC.

Teams are NOT permitted to use the "Southwest Hockey Association" AGLC license for ANY purpose whatsoever.  Teams must familiarize themselves regarding the AGLC rules, so that your team activity does not have a negative impact on the Association.


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