Important Email Update

It has recently come to our attention that Microsoft has been working towards moving all ‘Hotmail’, ‘Live’, ‘MSN’, and ‘Passport’ email extensions over to an ‘Outlook’ extension. Unfortunately, the domino effect to this changeover is that members may not always receive their email communications because members who have one of these Microsoft “legacy email accounts”, may have their emails randomly blocked /rejected whereby you don’t receive the email even in your *junk/spam* folder.

We don’t want you to miss out on important information being sent to members!!

Therefore, we strongly suggest as a proactive measure to help ensure you are not missing information about evaluations or other association updates, it has been recommended that if you have one of the following legacy accounts, you will want to transition to the @outlook extension, or provide an alternate email address to the Association.

The following link provides instructions on how to address legacy emails: This link also provides an FAQ as well.

Please send your updated or alternate email address to your Division Eval Coordinators ASAP, to help ensure you don’t miss any evaluation correspondence.