Southwest Incidents

Southwest Hockey strongly supports the inclusion of all members! Everyone plays an important role in making sure that all members feel welcome and safe in our hockey community.

IMPORTANT: Anyone who witnesses an act of abuse where they are fearful for their own safety and/or the safety of others; should use their judgement on whether or not to involve the police immediately. Where a serious threat persists, it is NOT appropriate to wait to go through the SW Hockey Dispute Resolution Process. In these situations, when safe to do so, please notify the SW Hockey Administrator as soon as possible: admin@southwesthockey.ca.

Please ensure that the Communication Tree Flow Chart AND the Dispute Resolution Guide is reviewed BEFORE filling out a Dispute Resolution/Incident Form.

Examples of violations can be reviewed in detail within the Dispute Resolution Guide.

  • Level 1 Violations: Should first be reported by the Complainant to the Team Manager and/or Head Coach AFTER following the 24-Hour Rule; unless there is an immediate safety concern of any person(s). Level 1 violations include, but not limited to: alleged misconduct of players, coaches, and parents such as; abusive language, taunting, unsportsmanlike/threatening behavior, bullying or breach of social media policy.
  • Level 2 Violations: Will be dealt with at the Association level, and should be escalated to the Administrator immediately by completing the online Incident Form. Level 2 violations include, but not limited to: volunteer harassment, deliberate disregard to Rules & Regulations, threats of physical violence, alcohol/tobacco/vaping or cannabis by minors.

INCIDENT REPORTING - Officials / Referees

Any complaints about referees or other major officials by coaches, managers, players, or spectators must be sent to the Member Association President for endorsement and onward delivery to Hockey Calgary for possible action.


Do NOT first contact Hockey Calgary, Central Region, Hockey Alberta or Hockey Canada.

The complaint MUST go through the Association President FIRST!

Hockey Alberta Maltreatment

HA 11.4 Maltreatment

A new national reporting system has been implemented to eradicate discrimination of all forms from the game. The Playing Rules and system includes, but is not limited to, discrimination based on race, ethnic origin, skin colour, religion, age, sexual orientation, gender identity and disability.

Incidents of Maltreatment that occur on or off-ice may be reported. Certain infractions also include an indefinite suspension pending a hearing, as well as mandatory hearings for repeat offenders. Incidents may be reported by the official or through the Independent Safe Sport Complaint Process.

Hockey Alberta is committed to ensuring an investigation of all reports of Maltreatment, Bullying or Harassment involving participants takes place.




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