2022-2023 SEASON


The philosophy for scheduling ice is to be as fair and as equitable as possible to each team under the Southwest Hockey umbrella.

Ice Allocation

Once the game schedule is produced from Hockey Calgary, several hours are spent going through the games and then generating practices for 40+ teams; while also reviewing MANY checks and balances to ensure teams receive a similar number of hours on the ice (as close as we can possibly get). We try our best for teams to receive a similar number of full and shared ice within the same age group. Generally the younger age groups are scheduled on the earlier ice times and the older age groups on the later ice times.

Our goal for the U9-U18 age groups is to get close to the ratio recommended by Hockey Canada of 2 practices to every 1 game throughout the season.

House League will have set practices each week. Then games will be on either Saturday or Sunday. Further details about the House League Program can be found at this link: CLICK HERE

CUBS Program is once a week, on set days. Further details about the CUBS Program can be found at this link: CLICK HERE

U7 teams will have set practice schedules. Then when it comes to games, Hockey Calgary will schedule these for the season. Therefore, there could be some variances to the days as we cannot control when the 'away' Association will have ice available. Further details for the U7 Program can be found at this link: CLICK HERE

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Questions have been broken down into common 'Member Questions' and common 'Manager / Coach Questions'. However, feel free to review both sections for further understanding about ice scheduling.

If you have more inquiries not covered below, please contact the Ice Scheduler at the link above.

Member - FAQ

Team Manager / Coach - FAQ




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