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Ice Scheduling FAQ

Have questions about how ice schedules work in Southwest Hockey? CLICK HERE to learn more.

Within the FAQ document, you will find such topics as:

  • Notable dates/deadlines to be aware of;
  • Allocating ice;
  • Game limits;
  • Return Ice Policy (for Coaches & Managers);
  • General scheduling.
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This scheduling software is used to:

  1. Assist teams when they are wanting to give up a practice ice slot.
  2. Assist teams who are looking for additional ice times for their team.

It MUST be noted, that when using the "Take & Give Tool", in OCI; until another team has taken your teams' ice slot, YOUR team is responsible for using that ice slot to ensure it is NOT burned.  ONLY after another team "takes" the ice slot, does it become the 'new' teams' responsibility.

Coaches and/or Managers will receive their login credentials for OCI, in their SWH Welcome Package.  If you have not received your Welcome Package by the time your team has been created, please contact the Ice Scheduler.

For guidance on using the "Take & Give Tool", CLICK HERE

OCI LOGIN: Click Here


Age Division League Scheduling Guidelines

There are no set rules but rather guidelines that Hockey Calgary uses when scheduling the league games. For consistency, Southwest Hockey utilizes these same guidelines when scheduling practices.  However, the Association (or teams) may schedule outside of these posted guidelines for such events as; evaluations, exhibition, tournament and practice times; as deemed necessary.

Division Schedule Allocation
Division Schedule Allocation Times

What is a P90?

A P90 is an effective way of scheduling teams so that they can benefit from receiving both shared ice and full ice within a 1 hour practice.

The start time is offset by 30 minutes to allow each team to have full ice for 30 minutes and also share ice for 30 minutes.


Ice Time is: 5:45pm - 7:15pm, PW4 and PW5 are scheduled.

On their calendar, PW4 will see 5:45pm-6:45pm, and PW5 will see 6:15pm-7:15pm.  The calendar will also indicate the team you are sharing with.  As PW4 is on the ice first, they will have full ice for 30 minutes, and then PW5 will come on the ice at 6:15pm.  The teams will then share the ice for 30 minutes, until 6:45pm.  Then because PW5 is last on the ice, they will have the last 30 minutes as full ice.

Notable Dates for Scheduling

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