NEW Partnership with Attack Sports for Off-Ice Skill Development

After registering, you can receive a discount for off-ice skill development with our NEW Partner – Attack Sports! Attack Sports can’t wait to work with your athlete, and we can’t wait to see the results!

ALL skill level welcome – beginner to advanced sessions are available for players between U7 and U18

Attack Sports offers off-ice skill development sessions on our skating treadmill and in our shooting center. Athletes will receive one on one coaching from our staff as well as immediate feedback on technique. Training sessions are 30 minutes long. Skating treadmill sessions can be for beginner to advanced skaters. We have developed our very own skating programs on the treadmill that focus on stride development, conditioning, and/or skating with the puck. Shooting center sessions range from beginner to advanced sessions focusing on proper shooting technique, drills finishing with a shot, isolating the arms/hands, shooting in stride, and/or shooting drills with Attack Sports very own danglers.

Click here on how to book with Attack