When to Contact your Coach Lead?

Specific Age Division Questions

Southwest Hockey Association (SWH) has a range of players from; Timbits (ages 5 & 6) to Midget (aged 15-17), therefore Coach Leads have been assigned to specific Age Divisions, to address questions and/or concerns that arise throughout the hockey season.


Official Team Rosters

Coach Leads assist with the distribution of the Official Team Rosters, once they have been created through the Hockey Canada Registration (HCR) system.  If you require your roster for an upcoming Tournament prior to the beginning of the Seeding Round, contact your Coach Lead.


Attendance Matters - Concerns

If you have player/coach attendance concerns, you would contact your Coach Lead, Director of Coaches & Assistant Director of Coaches, and Administrator. Please ensure you have reviewed the Attendance Policy, and that you have been tracking attendance throughout the season.


Reporting Suspensions (Coach & Player)

Any Coach or Player suspension that is recorded by a Referee during a game, must be communicated to the following; Director of Coaches, Assistant Director of Coaches, your Age Division Coach Lead, and the Hockey Calgary (HC) League Chair for your Age Division.  The HC League Chair will confirm the suspension, as well as the number of games to be served.


Conflict/Dispute Resolution Process

Updated, as of the 2019-2020 season.  Managers/Coaches must ensure that the team is adhering to the SWH Dispute Resolution Process.

Parents/Coaches MUST follow the ’24-hour’ Cooling Off Period. If a resolution cannot be found at the team level, you would contact the Administrator at:

Dispute Resolution Process (Dispute Communication Chart), can be found on the Managers tab.

2019-2020 SEASON

U7admin@southwesthockey.caVACANT - Contact SW Admin
U9u9lead@southwesthockey.caLloyd George
U11u11lead@southwesthockey.caMelanie Brophy
U13u13lead@southwesthockey.caCraig McGinley
U15u15lead@southwesthockey.caMelissa Mitchell-Moisson Jaclyn Grace



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