Who Makes Up Team Operations?

To assist teams with 'day-to-day' operations, this page was constructed to help ensure that everyone involved in Team Operations has access to information related to their position.

Team Operations ('TeamOps') is made up of the following positions;

  • Head Coach (1)
  • Assistant Coaches (up to 4)
  • Manager (1)
  • Assistant Manager (1)
  • Treasurer (1) **
  • Jersey Parents (up to 2) **
  • SW Raffle Liaison (1) ** --> Assists with the Association Cash Raffle
  • Tournament Coordinator (1) **
  • Rink Board Support (U9 only)

** House League Teams: Do not require a Tournament Coordinator, nor a Team Treasurer (as cash calls are not collected). There is also no fundraising in House League; therefore, no Raffle Liaison is required. For Jersey Parent - There is only one (1) game jersey; therefore this position is filled by one (1) volunteer.

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