Tournament Coordinator

The Tournament Coordinators are responsible for working with the Head Coach and Team Manager to find appropriate tournaments for their team.

They will also work in conjunction with the Team Treasurer to ensure payments are managed in a timely manner, as well as assist with overseeing any fundraising dollars that are planned during the tournament.


  1. Tournament Coordinators AND Team Managers must review the SWH Tournament Guide, as well as the Hockey Calgary Tournament Policy.
  2. There are NO Schedule Windows (no Tournaments permitted) during Seeding Round --> Oct 22 – Nov 20 (no exceptions).
  3. Teams are only permitted ‘1 Schedule Window’ during league play, Dec. 5 – Feb. 26 (excluding Christmas week).
  4. More Hockey Calgary Tournament Policy information available at the link below.

For additional guidance, refer to the following buttons:

Tournament Packages - How to Request One

For the 2022/2023, Southwest Hockey will again offer a limited number of Tournament Packages during the Seasonal Break and Winter Break for teams wishing to host a tournament.

TO REVIEW THE AVAILABLE PACKAGES - Click on the "SWH Tournament Guide" above.

Notable Dates:

  1. SEP 2 - Tournament packages available for review.
  2. OCT 1 - Teams can begin to request Tournament Packages.
  3. OCT 12 - Teams should receive notification from the Ice Scheduler with regards to Tournament Package status.
  4. OCT 17 - Hockey Calgary Sanction Deadline for Seasonal Break Tournaments.
  5. OCT 18 - Teams MUST enter tournament dates into OCI.
  6. OCT 31 - Tournament ice fees due to Southwest Hockey.
  7. NOV 27 - Hockey Calgary Sanction Deadline for Winter Break Tournaments.
  8. NOV 30 - Tournament ice fees due to Southwest Hockey

To request a Tournament Package email:


Tournaments - How to Find One

Be reminded that all teams in Calgary who are hosting a tournament anywhere (even outside of Alberta) are required to have their tournament sanctioned by Hockey Calgary first.

Here you will find approved tournaments.

Hockey Alberta Tournament Listings

Hockey Calgary Tournament Listings

If you are looking to travel outside of Alberta to play a non-Alberta hosting team you will need to search the web for the location you desire, for example:

Hockey BC

When searching for tournaments to attend, be aware of Hockey Calgary's Important Dates and when teams are permitted to travel.

  1. Pre Season - Travel is allowed. Permits required.
  2. Seeding Round - NO tournament approvals.
  3. Seasonal Break (NOV 21 - DEC 4) - Tournaments allowed. Permits required.
  4. Regular Season (DEC 5 - DEC 21, & JAN 6 - FEB 26) - ONE (1) opportunity to travel. Schedule Window required by the deadline. Hockey Calgary approval required.
  5. Winter Break (DEC 22 - JAN 5) - Tournaments allowed. Permits required.
  6. EMHW - NO tournament approvals.
  7. City Championships (Playoffs, U11+) - NO tournament approvals. NOTE: U7 and U9 do not have playoffs.
  8. Post Season - Tournaments allowed. Permits required.

Age Division - Tournament Policy

U7 (Timbits)

  • Teams can host or attend tournaments beginning November 12
  • Maximum 3 tournaments/jamborees (excluding Hockey Calgary Jamboree)
  • Maximum 1 out of town tournament (defined as any rink outside Hockey Calgary boundaries)


  • Teams can host or attend tournaments beginning November 26
  • Maximum 2 tournaments/jamborees (excluding Hockey Calgary Jamboree)
  • Maximum 1 out of town tournament (defined as any rink outside Hockey Calgary boundaries)


  • Teams can host or attend tournaments beginning November 21
  • Maximum 3 tournaments/jamborees (excluding Esso Minor Hockey Week)
  • Maximum 2 out of town tournaments (defined as any rink outside Hockey Calgary boundaries)

U11 to U18

  • Maximum 4 tournaments (excluding Esso Minor Hockey Week, City Championships and Provincials)
  • Maximum 2 out of town tournaments (defined as any rink outside Hockey Calgary boundaries)
    • Exceptions MAY be made, on a case-by-case basis with the written approval of their Association sent into Hockey Calgary



QUESTIONS?  Contact the Ice Scheduler at: