Your FIRST point of contact is your "Age Division Coordinator".

When emailing your Age Division Coordinators you can send your email to both contacts in your division. Names will be added to divisions as the Volunteers are confirmed.  If you are interested in volunteering in one of these positions contact the Director of Evaluations for more information.

If there is no Coordinator Name listed for you Age Group, then contact the Director of Evaluations or Asst. Director of Evaluations for assistance.

To access the Contact List click the Evaluation Coordinators contact button above

Evaluation Schedule

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The schedules below have been created as a "print friendly" version. Be sure to review the "Notes" on each schedule! It is the members responsibility to stay up to date on any changes in your division. The Evaluation Coordinators will be using your email as a source of communication.

2020 -2021 Season

U7Click Here2020 SEP 13
U9Click Here2020 AUG 27
U11Click Here2020 AUG 27
U13Click Here2020 AUG 27
U15Click Here2020 AUG 27
U18Click Here2020 SEP 13

2020-2021 South Calgary Hockey House League

SW HOUSE LEAGUE pre-skates and evaluations have been posted.

Evaluation Documents & Forms

2020 - 2021 Season

Evaluation Placement Procedures Click Here2020 AUG 28
Frequently Asked QuestionsClick Here2020 AUG 28
Evaluator Code of EthicsClick Here2020 AUG 28
Evaluation Placement Inquiry ProcessClick Here2020 OCT 22

Evaluation Drills

Drills are subject to change.  For questions please follow up with your Evaluation Lead for your division.




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