2020-2021 SEASON

The National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) clinics were developed by Hockey Canada and are used in the hockey associations all across Canada.

Coaches in Alberta have access to a wide variety of clinics and training opportunities to help develop their skills as teachers and instructors of players of all ages across the province. Hockey Alberta is responsible for the training and development of coaches throughout the province through facilitating clinics and certification.

Failure to have a Coach on the bench who has their qualification during games and on the ice during practices may result in the Head Coach being suspended pending a discipline hearing.

Southwest requires at least one alternate coach on each team complete the required coaching clinics as during the hockey season one coach may not be able to perform his or her duties due to illness, suspension, or other personal reasons.

Required coaching courses are hosted across the province, beginning at the end of August, and ending November 15.

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Need to check your qualifications? Not sure if your qualifications have expired? Check your eHockey account!

Don't have an account.  Here are some tips on creating your account;

  • Be sure to use your LEGAL name so that the system will find the match in the registration database. It MUST match your Hockey Canada account. If it doesn't match then your courses will not upload properly to your Hockey Canada account and therefore will not appear on an official roster.
  • Be sure to use a personal email address not a work email address. This will avoid complications if your employment changes
  • As soon as you create the account you will need to add yourself as a participant

If you have been registered in hockey previously as a Player, Coach, Official, Trainer or Manager, you can access your profile on the Hockey Canada Registry (HCR) by establishing an eHockey account.

Certification cards are no longer provided upon the completion of a clinic or when lost.

Certifications --- Due before Rostering

The following 3 certifications are the minimum requirement for Southwest Hockey.  These certifications are required to be on your file before you will be added to a roster or permitted on the ice.

  1. Respect in Sport - "ACTIVITY LEADER"
  2. Police Information Check
  3. Safety


To help provide a SAFE environment for our players, SW requires ALL Bench Staff to complete and pass a mandatory

Police Information Check BEFORE being registered to a team.


  • Once you submit your PIC to the Calgary Police it can take approximately 3 weeks! Don't delay!
  • Police Information Checks are valid for 3 seasons
To review the APPROVED Process for Completing a Police Information Check click the button below.


This program is a Hockey Alberta mandated certification for ALL Coaches “before” being assigned to a team.
The Activity Leader course is different than the 'Parent RIS'. Coaches must have the Activity Leader version!
  • There is NO prerequisite course to the Respect in Sport Program.
  • This is a 4 hour ONLINE course & doesn't need to be taken all at one time.
  • Be sure your name on your RIS account matches your HCR account or the course won't upload to your account for the roster!
  • The course automatically uploads to your account with 100% completion

You WILL NOT be added to a roster until this course appears on your account.


Hockey Canada Safety Program – Level I

Hockey Canada Safety Program – Level I is also referred to as "HOCKEY UNIVERSITY SAFETY"

  • This is a 4 hour online program. You do not need to complete it all at one time.
  • ALL SW Bench Staff require this certification
  • It is required to be registered on an official team roster.
  • The course is valid for 3 hockey seasons!
  • Expiry dates can be checked in your "e-Hockey" account.


Certifications --- Due by November 15th

Other certifications like Coach 1, Coach 2 and Checking Skills, are all due by November 15th.

These are all 2 part courses with the first part being online and part 2 classroom and ice instruction.

You are expected to have the online portion of your course done prior to attending part 2.

For details on each course and to register click the course button below

NEW IN 2020-21: All Head Coaches are required to take the HU - Planning a Safe Return to Hockey course. This a free 20-minute online program which looks at key information coaches and associations need to know in order to help reduce the risk of COVID-19 in the hockey environment. This course can be found on Hockey Canada’s eHockey website.


Only the U13 AA HEAD Coach requires this certification

This course provides a foundation for coaches within the competitive streams, and teaches drill progressions & regressions, skills analysis, seasonal planning, linking individual skills & tactics, team building & tactics, and goaltending.

  • U13 AA Head Coach MUST have this certification
  • This is a multi step certification
  • There are very few courses offered for this certification each season
  • For details on this certification --- Click Here

Coach Reimbursement

Submissions accepted November 1, 2020 ---> February 1, 2021

Only courses taken in the current season are eligible.




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