2021-2022 SEASON

Reminder that if there is no volunteer Coordinator in your age group then that means we are still looking for help!

Could this be you??

If you are able to help volunteer in one of the many positions, go back to the Evaluation page, click on the yellow button to let us know what you are interested in and send us your information.

DIVISION for both Community & House LeagueEMAILNAME
House League - U9u9houselead@southwesthockey.ca
House League - U11u11houselead@southwesthockey.ca
U7 Eval Leadu7eval-lead@southwesthockey.ca
U7 Eval Assistantu7eval-asst@southwesthockey.ca
U9 Eval Leadu9eval-lead@southwesthockey.ca
U9 Eval Assistantu9eval-asst@southwesthockey.ca
U11 Eval Leadu11eval-lead@southwesthockey.ca
U11 Eval Assistantu11eval-asst@southwesthockey.ca
U13 Eval Leadu13eval-lead@southwesthockey.ca
U13 Eval Assistantu13eval-asst@southwesthockey.ca
U15 Eval Leadu15eval-lead@southwesthockey.ca
U15 Eval Assistantu15eval-asst@southwesthockey.ca
U15 Eval Assistant 2u15eval-asst2@southwesthockey.ca
U18 Eval Leadu18eval-lead@southwesthockey.ca
U18 Eval Assistantu18eval-asst@southwesthockey.ca
Goalie Eval Leadgoalie-evallead@southwesthockey.ca
Evaluation Support 1: U7 & U9evalsupport1@southwesthockey.ca
Evaluation Support 2: U11 & U13evalsupport2@southwesthockey.ca
Evaluation Support 3: U15 & U18evalsupport3@southwesthockey.ca
Evaluation Coordinatorevalcoordinator@southwesthockey.ca