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What is the Southwest Minor Hockey Association?

    1. Southwest Hockey (SW) is made up of a large group of dedicated volunteers whose aim is to provide a program for players to; play at their skill level, build sportsmanship fundamentals, development skills, Fair Play and all the while having FUN!
    2. Southwest Hockey operates under Hockey Calgary, who is governed by Hockey Alberta and Hockey Canada.

Who can play?

    1. Anyone between the ages of 4 and 17 (based on their age by December 31st of the current playing season), would play in one of these groups:
U7 Timbits5 and 62015 - 2016
U97 and 82013 - 2014
U119 and 102011 - 2012
U1311 and 122009 - 2010
U1513 and 142007 - 2008
U1815, 16 and 172004 - 2006

What are the fees for the 2021-2022 season?

    1. There is an option for the U9 and U11 age divisions to choose between Community and House League
CUBS 2017$275
U72015 & 2016$775
U92013 & 2014$1025
U112011 & 2012$1125
U132009 & 2010$1225
U152007 & 2008$1250
U182004, 2005 & 2006$1250
House League2011 to 2014$700

What are the Parent’s responsibilities?

    1. To be supportive!
    2. Respect the Team (Parents, Players and Coaches).
    3. Respect the Association (Volunteers).
      1. There is a Zero Tolerance Policy for abuse of players, officials, volunteers and other parents. Suspensions are possible consequences for abuse.
    4. Respect the Officials.
    5. SW Hockey is run by Parent Volunteers. Each family should be volunteering either at the Association Level or at the Team Level.
    6. HOCKEY IS A TEAM GAME! please ensure your child is attending games and practices.
    7. Ensure your child is properly equipped.
    8. At least one (1) parent must complete the Respect in Sport Program.
    9. Each parent will need to read and acknowledge the “Fair Play Code” and “Parent Code of Conduct” Forms during the time of registration.

How long is the season?

    1. Community: September to March.
    2. House League: October to February. Click Here for further details.
    3. All other in-house programs run at various times of the season. Visit southwesthockey.ca then choose Parent>Registration – then from that ‘fly-out’, select the program you are wondering about.

My child has never played hockey before, is this a concern?

    1. There are many players who have not played before, and there is also lots of practice time over the season, for improvement.
    2. With any new sport, players must acquire new/different skills. The practices are designed to teach the necessary skills, which will vary by age groups and divisions.
    3. When players go through evaluations, they are placed on teams with players of similar skill set

What equipment is required?

    1. Helmet (CSA approved), Face mask (CSA approved), Throat Protector, Mouth Guard (optional for Timbits), Shoulder Pads, Elbow Pads, Hockey Gloves, Hockey Pants, Hockey Shin Pads, Skates, Jock Strap & Cup / Jill Strap, Sock Tape, Socks, Practice Jersey, Hockey Stick (cut to the correct length), Water Bottle (clearly marked and not to be shared), and of course a Hockey Bag.
    2. Southwest Hockey will provide game Jerseys and game socks which are ONLY to be worn during games.

What communities are zoned to Southwest Hockey Association?

    1. Further boundary details can be found at: http://www.hockeycalgary.ca/associationList.php
Alpine ParkBayviewBelmontBraeside
BridlewoodCanyon MeadowsCedarbraeChinook Park
Eagle RidgeEvergreenHaysboroKelvin Grove
Pine CreekPump HillShawnee SlopesShawnessy
Silverado SomersetSouthwoodTsuut'ina Nation
WoodbineWoodlandsYorkvilleHCAL Approved Release

What programs does Southwest Hockey have?

    1. CUBS - 4-year-olds
      1. Southwest has brought back this program starting in the 2021-2022 season.
    2. Community Minor Hockey
      1. U7, U9, U11, U13, U15 & U18.
    3. House League
      1. SW Hockey is part of the South Calgary Hockey House League (SCHHL) for U9, U11.
    4. Optional In-House Programs
      1. Academy Program
      2. CUBS ‘Intro to Hockey’ Camp
      3. Power Skating Program
      4. August / September Prep Camps for Players
      5. August Prep Camp for Goalies

All program details can be found on our website: southwesthockey.ca then select Parents>Registration to search the programs.

What arena facilities does SW Hockey utilize for practices & home games?

    1. Key providers are; Cardel Rec South (CRS) & Oakridge Community (OAK).
    2. Private ice contracts may also be utilized at Ed Whalen, Ernie Starr, Frank McCool, and Seven Chiefs Sportsplex.
    3. NOTE: ‘Away’ games, exhibition games, tournaments and/or additional team practices can be scheduled at other various arenas. The Association may also pick up additional ice at other arenas from what has been listed; as deemed necessary. Here is a link to other arena locations: https://www.hockeycalgary.ca/arena

What are SW Hockey’s main forms of communication?

    1. Website: southwesthockey.ca
    2. Email is another main form of communication.
      1. Parents à Need to provide an email that is checked on a regular basis.
    3. Newsletters à Called ‘The Southwest Slapshot’
    4. Social Media: Facebook, Instagram & Twitter

When will Picture Day happen?

    1. 2021-2022 Season - Southwest Hockey has secured: Sunday October 17, 2021.
    2. Details will be sent to the Team Managers & posted to the website; once information is available.

Where can I find further information about the U7 Timbits Program?

    1. You can find further information about this program on our website at: https://www.southwesthockey.ca/u7-timbits/

Is there a Volunteer Bond for Community and House League? If so, why?

    1. SW Hockey is run almost exclusively by volunteers. A continued commitment from our families is needed in order for SW Hockey to operate effectively; as SWH is a larger Association.
    2. The Volunteer Bond is $350 for the Community Program and $200 for House League Program.
    3. The purpose of the bond, is to encourage more families to become actively involved in making Southwest Hockey the best it can be.
    4. For further information regarding the Volunteer Bond, check out the “Parents>Volunteers” tab at: southwesthockey.ca

I have a child in both the Community & House League Program. Do I fulfill both bonds?

    1. If you have a child in both programs, families ONLY MUST fulfill the expectations of the Community Program.

Where can I find information about Volunteer Opportunities?

    1. Volunteer Bond opportunities can be found on the Southwest Hockey website at: southwesthockey.ca under the ‘Parents>Volunteers’ tab.

Where can I find information about; How to Register, Registration Dates, etc.?

    1. Registration Information can be found on the Southwest Hockey website at: southwesthockey.ca under the “Parents>Registration” tab.

What is the Respect-in-Sport (RIS) Program?

There are 2 different RIS Programs; the two programs are not interchangeable.

    1. Respect in Sport "PARENT" -- The "Parent" program is a Hockey Alberta mandated requirement for any participant who plays
    2. Respect in Sport "ACTIVITY LEADER" -- The "Activity Leader" program is a Hockey Alberta mandated requirement for ALL Coaches

RIS aims to bring a level of respect back to the game of hockey, to prevent harassment, and keep children involved in hockey so they can continue to experience benefits of exercise, teamwork and FUN!

Further information about RIS, can be found here: https://www.southwesthockey.ca/respect-in-sport/

What do registration fees include?

    1. Registration fees include such expenses as, but not limited to; ice rentals (games & practices), game length, officiating costs, Hockey Calgary, Hockey Alberta & Hockey Canada player fees, insurance, socks, pictures, coaching certifications, evaluations, and administrative costs.

What could the financial expectations be?

    1. Besides the registration fees, families are also responsible for “team fees”.
    2. Each team will have a Parent Meeting to discuss and confirm a team budget. This budget will cover possible items such as; extra team purchased ice, # of tournaments, social activities, etc.
      1. As an example, if the team budget is $2,600 & there are 15 players on the team, each family would be responsible for $173 (“Cash Call”), which would be payable to the team bank account.
      2. Please let your Team Manager know if you require more time to pay the “Cash Call”.
    3. Fundraising is another option as a way to keep expenses lower. This will require TEAM efforts to be successful.  There are also Gaming Rules/Regulations that must be followed.
    4. Exception: House League is not permitted to fundraise or participate in tournaments or to purchase extra ice. For further conditions refer to the ‘Parents>Registration’

Is there Financial Assistance available?

    1. Yes. Please refer to the Southwest Hockey Registration Information Package for further details under the ‘Parents>Registration’ tab at: https://www.southwesthockey.ca/financial-assistance/

Will a tax receipt be emailed to me?

    1. Tax receipts for registration fees will NOT be emailed.
    2. Tax receipts can be obtained by logging in to your TeamSnap Account.
    3. How to print your receipt are on the SW Hockey website on the ‘Parents>Registration’ tab at: southwesthockey.ca
    4. IMPORTANT – Tax receipts will only be available for 1 year, after registration has been completed.

What happens if we register, then change our minds about playing?

    1. Southwest Hockey has formalized a Refund Policy. For complete details refer to the Registration Information Package under the ‘Parent>Registration’ tab at: southwesthockey.ca
    2. Parents wanting to withdraw also MUST complete the Withdrawal Form: https://www.southwesthockey.ca/withdraw-request/

What happens AFTER we register?

    1. You will be contacted by your Age Division Coordinator with the Group # that your player will start in, for the evaluation process.
    2. The evaluation schedule will be posted closer to mid-August; barring any unforeseen circumstances.
    3. Further information will be posted to the ‘Parents>Evaluations’ tab as it comes available.

My child is trying out for Elite Hockey; do they need to register with SW too?

    1. YES!
    2. Refer to the SW Hockey Registration Information Package for further details.
    3. This can be found on the ‘Parents>Registration’ tab of the Southwest Hockey website at: southwesthockey.ca

Where can I find information about evaluations?

    1. Evaluation information can be found on the Southwest Hockey website at: southwesthockey.ca under the ‘Parents>Evaluations’ tab.

What is the practice schedule like?

    1. Community Minor Hockey
      1. The practice hockey schedule varies from week to week and month to month and there are no set days/times.
      2. General U7 scheduling can be found here: https://www.southwesthockey.ca/u7-timbits/

Further information can be found under ‘Team Operations’ (Ice Scheduling) at: www.southwesthockey.ca

    1. House League (SCHHL)
      1. For specifics regarding the SCHHL scheduling, check out the information on the Southwest Hockey website at: www.southwesthockey.ca  under the “Parents>Registration” tab.

I’d like to Coach. What do I need to do?

    1. All the steps for applying to Coach can be found on the ‘Coaches’ tab at: southwesthockey.ca
    2. NOTE: THERE ARE DEADLINES. Review these dates, to ensure you do not miss out.

What training do Minor Hockey coaches receive?

    1. All hockey coaches must obtain the appropriate coaching certifications, by November 15th of the current season.
    2. Coaching Certifications consist of, but not limited to; Police Checks, Coach Level 1, Coach Level 2, Safety, Respect-in-Sport (Activity Leader), Development 1 (where required), High Performance 1 (where required) & Checking Skills (where required).

What do I do if I have problems with the Coach?

    1. If you have concerns with how your child is being treated, or how the team is run. First step is to talk with the coach, in a CALM manner – ONLY AFTER the “24 Hour Cooling Off Period” has been followed.
    2. If you feel you cannot speak to the Coach, then contact the Team Manager.
    3. Further information regarding the Dispute Resolution Process can be found on the ‘Managers’ tab at: southwesthockey.ca

I’m interested in becoming an Official? How do I get started?

    1. Information for becoming an Official can be found under the ‘Officials’ tab of the following website: southwesthockey.ca

Does Southwest Hockey have apparel?

    1. Yes! Further information can be found the Southwest Hockey website at: southwesthockey.ca under the ‘Parents>Apparel’ tab.

Have a Question? Need an Answer?

    1. If you have a question that has not been covered above, or on the website; please contact:

Registration --- registrar@southwesthockey.ca

Evaluations --- evaluations@southwesthockey.ca

Volunteers --- volunteers@southwesthockey.ca

General Inquiry --- admin@southwesthockey.ca

What events happen throughout the season?

    1. Due to the current situation for COVID-19 we are unable to confirm any SW Hockey Community events at this time.
    2. If events are confirmed, they will be posted to the website and/or communicated through the Association newsletter.
    3. There are SW Hockey Important Dates that can be found the Southwest Hockey website at: southwesthockey.ca under the ‘Parents>Important Dates’ tab, as well as on the Hockey Calgary website at: https://www.hockeycalgary.ca/operations/important-dates

How are concussions and injuries handled?

    1. SW Hockey has a ‘Return to Play Policy’. Within this policy, SW Hockey also supports the Hockey Canada Concussion Injury protocol.
    2. To review the ‘Return to Play Policy’, visit the SW website at southwesthockey.ca under the Coaches>Return to Play’ tab.

Where can I find information about Ice Scheduling?

    1. Ice Scheduling Information can be found on the Southwest Hockey website at: southwesthockey.ca under the ‘Managers’ tab.

Is Body Checking permitted?

    1. Yes, ‘Body Checking’ is permitted in U15 & U18 à Divisions 1 to 3 only.
    2. NOTE: ‘Body Contact’ remains part of the game, & only ‘Body Checking’ is limited to certain Age Groups and Divisions.

What is Elite Hockey?

    1. Elite Hockey teams are “AA” / “AAA” teams, at the U13, U15 & U18 Age Divisions.
    2. Depending on the community that your player resides in, will determine the ‘Elite Association’ in which SW Hockey players would try-out for. The two (2) ‘Elite Associations’ for SW Hockey are: Calgary Buffaloes or the Calgary Royals.
    3. For more information about Elite Hockey, refer to each of their websites at: calgarybuffaloes.ca or www.calgaryroyalsaa.com

Where can I find information about Hockey Fees?

    1. Registration Information document can be found on the Southwest Hockey website at: southwesthockey.ca under the “Parents>Registration” tab.

What is the difference between the SCHHL (House League) & the SW Community Program?

    1. Comparisons can be found on the Southwest Hockey website at: southwesthockey.ca under the ‘Parents>Registration>House League’ tab.

Registration & Evaluations is a ‘peak time period’ for Southwest Hockey, therefore response times will vary.

While waiting for a response, please also review the ABUNDANCE of information that is available on our website!