HCR 3.0 Spordle

2021-2022 SEASON

Hockey Canada has migrated to a new database called HCR 3.0 Spordle. Creating this new account is NOT giving you a new HCR ID#!!

The eHockey database no longer exists.

The "HCR 3.0 Spordle Accountis intended to give access to information such as;

  • Your "existing" HCR ID#
  • Respect in Sport
    • Certificate # and Expiry Date
    • On a player account you will find the RIS "Parent" information
    • On a Coach account you will find the RIS "Activity Leader" information
  • Playing History
  • Coaching or Officiating certifications
  • It also lets you link your family members together in one place so you can see what is on each persons account

As a result of this change you may be missing some certifications as a result of the data migration.  We ask you register ASAP so that we have every opportunity to assist you in getting your HCR profile updated, if necessary. Missing certifications -- contact pam.douglas@hockeycalgary.com

There will be delays with the new system roll out and it is your responsibility to plan for these delays!

IMPORTANT -- You need your HCR ID number to start your registration!


Returning Members - You have an HCR ID # so you may "SIGN IN to CREATE" your new account.

  • If you don't know your number, create the account using your birth date and legal name and you should be able to find your HCR ID.
  • When you have your HCR ID you can complete the "Register to Coach"

New Participants  - You will be instructed to set this account up "AFTER" we have provided you an HCR ID#.

  • To get registered follow the steps outlined and we will assist you in getting your account set up and will provide you with a HCR ID#. You will not register until instructed to do so.  CLICK HERE

Create your HCR 3.0 Spordle Account

To find your HCR ID# follow the instructions and set up an Account.

Already have an account then click on the log in button below

HCR 3.0 Spordle Account

Missing certifications -- contact pam.douglas@hockeycalgary.com

If you have any questions or concerns please contact;

Director of Coaches

Assistant Director of Coaches