Registration will be open;

July 1, 2021 @ 12:30pm MST till August 22, 2021 @11:59pm

.... Late fee is effective August 23, 2021 based on availability.

2021-2022 Season

Each Participant, Coach or Official that registers with Southwest Hockey must have their own Hockey Canada Registry account.  Every person will only have 1 account in the system and it will track everything i.e. your team placement, affiliations, certifications, Criminal Record checks, transfers and more. Accounts are set up by individuals not by family therefore all required documents must be submitted for new participants.

If you are a Coach or Official please see the tab specific to that role.

To register a participant in one of the many programs we offer use the following steps to guide you through registration;

STEP 1: The Registration Information is a great resource and can be found under the Supporting Documents

STEP 2: * NEW * If you need to find your existing HCR ID you will need to set up a new “HCR 3.0 Spordle Account”

Creating this account is NOT giving you a new HCR ID#!!

Your "HCR 3.0 Spordle Account" is intended to give access to your "existing" HCR ID#, RIS Certificate # and Expiry Date along with any other certifications you may have taken such as for Coaching or Officiating.

Returning Members - if you know your HCR ID#  go to step 3. If you don't then set up your new “HCR 3.0 Spordle Account” to find it.

New Participants will be instructed to set this account up "AFTER" we have provided you an HCR ID#


STEP 3: Click on the REGISTER NOW button below and select the correct statement for each participant

  • It's important to follow the steps in order to avoid errors or delays with your registration

STEP 4: Get assistance with Respect in Sport options such as;

  • How to add a child to your existing RIS Certificate
  • How to transfer a RIS certificate to Southwest
  • How to find your RIS Expiry Date

STEP 5: After you are registered, review the "Volunteers" tab to understand and sign up to meet your family commitment. The volunteer bond is applicable in our Community and House League programs.

STEP 6: Familiarize yourself with the Evaluations tab for information and dates

STEP 7: Don't forget to check out the many extra programs we offer and get registered!

Supporting Documents

Registration Information for 2021-2022

"NEW" Set up an HCR3.0 Spordle Account

Returning Members with an HCR ID # can complete this step

New Participants will be instructed to set this account up "AFTER" we have provided you an HCR ID

Your HCR 3.0 Spordle Account gives you access to your RIS, Certifications & HCR ID

Tips on how to register in TeamSnap

Ready to Register?

Registrants have the ability to print receipts from your Team Snap account under the My Registrations section of the My Clubs & Leagues Dashboard.

To print a receipt for a TeamSnap Registration follow these steps:

  1. Login to TeamSnap using a web browser with the account that was used to submit the registration
  2. On the My Clubs & Leagues Dashboard go to "My Registrations"
  3. Click the View Receipt link for the registration
  4. Click the Print Receipt button


Completed registrations will remain on under "My Registrations" for one year after completion. Registrations cannot be removed from My Registrations prior to one year and registrations cannot be brought back after the one year expiration. For this reason, it is advised to print receipts prior to the registration dropping off of the dashboard.