Team Treasurer

The Team Treasurer is one of the positions that makes up the 'Team Operations' on your Minor Hockey team.

While the Head Coach, Team Manager and Team Treasurer are ALL responsible for the team finances, it is VERY important that one individual focuses on the specific team finances and this person is the Team Treasurer.

Important Dates

OCT 5 - Meeting for Treasurers - U7 to U13 --> 7:30pm - 8:15pm, Flames Room, Cardel Rec South

OCT 12 - Meeting for Treasurers - U15 & U18 --> 7:30pm - 8:15pm, Flames Room, Cardel Rec South

OCT 30 - Team Bank Account Authorization Letter is due.

NOV 1 - Approved Budget (by 75% of parents) - To be sent to:

MONTHLY - Team Treasurer's should be providing financial updates to the team.

2023 MAY 1 - Team Bank Accounts closed by this date, and 'Proof of Closure' provided to the SW Treasurer & Administrator.

You're the Team Treasurer! Now What?

The Team Treasurer role is an important one!

If you are either a returning Team Treasurer, or a brand new Team Treasurer ~ review the roles and responsibilities to ensure no oversight.

The Team Treasurer responsibilities can be found at the link below, however a brief overview of the position is:

  • Collecting, banking, and distribution of funds.
  • Budgeting.
  • Tracking income and expenses.
  • Provide accurate and timely reports
  • Monthly updates to the families on the team.

For additional guidance, refer to the following:

Cash Call Guidelines

The cash-call is a dollar amount paid by the parent / guardian, to the team, in order to help start up the bank account for the team budget.

October 31st is the deadline for cash calls to be paid to the team.

Where a cash call is a financial hardship, the member should contact the Manager and/or Head Coach in private; where monthly payment arrangements can be made between October and December 1st; and/or through additional fundraising opportunities that the family can use to generate the funds.

While payment arrangements are on a case-by-case basis, the aim should be to have the cash call paid to the team by December 1st.

End of Season

Any non-publicly raised funds remaining at the end of the hockey season should be distributed equally to the parents/guardians who made the cash-call (ONLY UP TO the amount of the cash call(s) that were respectively contributed). Families are NOT permitted to 'make money' from any team fundraising.

Under NO circumstances are publicly raised funds permitted to be paid to parents / guardians.

Contact the SW Treasurer for further guidance regarding any excess funds.

Contact the SW Administrator immediately for support with cash calls not being paid by family's.