Team Treasurer

The Team Treasurer is one of the positions on your Minor Hockey team.  While the Head Coach, Team Manager and Team Treasurer are all responsible for the team finances, it is VERY important that one individual focuses on the team finances.  The Team Treasurer responsibilities can be found at this link: CLICK HERE, however a brief overview of the position is:

  • Collecting, Banking, and distribution of funds;
  • Budgeting;
  • Tracking income and expenses;
  • Provide accurate and timely reports.


Mandatory for all Team Treasurers.

2021 OCT 6 - U7 to U13 7:00pm - 8:15pm

2021 OCT 12 - U15 & U18 7:00pm - 8:15pm

Zoom link will be emailed to contact provided.



If you are either a returning Team Treasurer, or a brand new Team Treasurer ~ PLEASE review the information on the SW website that is being provided to you.

The Team Treasurer role is an important one!  Therefore, here is a Team Treasurer's Guide, that aims to assist you carrying out your duties.  CLICK HERE


If AFTER reviewing this guide, and the information on the SW website, and you have further questions please contact the Assistant Treasurer at:

Also, please contact the Administrator at:  If your question and/or inquiry is not covered in the documentation, that question may be added – in order to assist other Team Treasurers.



Teams MUST apply for their OWN gaming license, as per the Rules & Regulations of the AGLC.

Teams are NOT permitted to use the "Southwest Hockey Association" AGLC license for ANY purpose whatsoever.  Teams must familiarize themselves regarding the AGLC rules, so that your team activity does not have a negative impact on the Association.


AGLC Website

AGLC Online Services

AGLC Gaming

Raffle $20,000 and Less

Use of Proceeds

Popular Raffle Eligibility FAQ

AGLC - Contact

If you are unsure of something related to AGLC please contact the Director of Fundraising

Important Dates

2021 OCT 6 or 12: Mandatory Meeting for all Team Treasurers. See above for details.

2021 OCT 29: Team Bank Account Authorization Letter is due to the SW Administrator.

Regular Basis: Team Treasurer's should be providing financial updates to the team.

2022 MAY 1 - Team Bank Accounts should be closed by this date, and 'Proof of Closure' provided to the SW Treasurer & Administrator.

Team Treasurer Resources

Roles & Responsibilities

Review the duties of the Team Treasurer. Questions can be directed to the SW Treasurer.



Budget Sheet Template

This budget template will assist with tracking all incoming and outgoing funds.



Bank Account Authorization Letter

Teams need this letter to open a team bank account.  If you did not receive this in the team Welcome Package, email the SW Administrator.


Year End Financial Reporting

This is an overview of the responsibilities for the end of the season.


Treasurer Meeting PowerPoint