2021-2022 SEASON

Fully Registered participants are added to their team in the "TeamSnap" app by the Registrar.

Once added you will have full access to your schedule and can communicate with your team.

If you have not been added please follow up with the Registrar to verify that you don't have outstanding registration items.


How can I get added to a team in TeamSnap?

Are you looking to find a specific schedule to come out and cheer on our Southwest Cougars?

Contact your friend or family member and they can assist you with one of the following options;


2021-2022 Hockey Season Schedule

Did you know?

Hockey Calgary posts the game schedule for all divisions from U7 to U18.

If you are looking for a specific team schedule click the link below for details

Seeding Round Schedule will be released - October 13, 2021

Regular Season Schedule will be released - November 29, 2021


Looking for a Coach or Team Manager?

Are you looking to reach a Coach or Team Manager on a specific team in a specific division?

You can find the information by clicking on the link below.

Note - This information is typically updated in October each year after all the team assignments are completed.